Kichijouji eases your mind!?

Today I introduce Kichijouji!

This place is good for chill out!

Let’s escape the noise of the city!

Check it out!


Ghibli museum☀ジブリミュージアム

It is really famous spott! Ghibli museum!

You can experience Ghibli world!

I was nothing but perplexed by that strange world at first.

However you must be fun!! Check it out!



Cat bus!??


Inside of cat bus!




Before you go to Ghibli museum, you need to reserve a ticket before 2 weeks to 1 months, please be careful.

Picture resourcehttp://www.ghibli-museum.jp/


?Inokashira park ?井の頭公園

This is the good area to see Cherry blossom?!

You can see the Cherry blossom while riding in a boat!



Most fantastic view of Cherry blossom…?


This is a good date destination place for a couples….?

Picture resource:https://search.yahoo.co.jp/image/search


?Also you can play with pretty animals in this park!!?⇩

「井の頭公園 モルモット」の画像検索結果

「井の頭公園 モルモット」の画像検索結果

Guinea pigs Harlem…?

Picture resourcehttp://www.tokyo-zoo.net/zoo/ino/


?Cat cafe?猫カフェ てまりのおうち

Cat Cafe てまりのおうち

This is most relaxing spot of Kichijouji!

You can play with many cats in this cafe!

These cats eases your mind,please chill out here!

Cat Cafe てまりのおうち


Sleep tight…

Picture resourcehttp://www.temarinoouchi.com/



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