?Around Tsukiji !?

Some time our guest try to go Tsukiji Market? for only Tuna auction, what a waste!

When you go to Tukiji, you need to check these attractions also!

After eating delicious food in Tsukiji check these out! 



?Tsukiji honganji 築地本願寺?

This temple’s architectural style is not looks like general Japanese temple!It looks unique!


?It is Projection mapping! Sometime a event held in this temple!




It is well worth going this place!

Picture resource: https://play-life.jp/articles/377


?Hamarikyuonshi-teienn 浜離宮恩賜庭園

This is really beautiful park near the Tsukiji market!!

You can see Cherry blossom also! 



This spot is really beautiful, during night time…?


It is good destination for dating couple I guess…?

picture resourcehttps://deece.jp/amusement/19247551



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