Japanese Sake

Now is season of HanamiCherry blossom viewing“!!

Have you ever been to Hanami? It is really fun!

We enjoy eating and drinking under the fully bloomed cherry blossoms!

When you go to Hanami, Alcohol is indispensable!

So today I will introduce reasonable Japanese tasty Alcohol!

Please Check-it-out !


1.”Strong Zero” 210 JPY/500ml

Most of foreigner guest like this Alcohol!

It is Cans Zhuhai! this drink have 9% alcohol content! that’s why this Cans Zhuhai name is Strong Zero!”Zero means non caloric”

So this drink makes you drunked up easier than Beer!

On friday night most of foreigner guest drink this “Strong Zero” then go to the nights club!


2.Kikusui 300JPY/200ml

It is Japanese Sake! The taste is spicy and strong but really tasty!

This Sake is really tasty and high quality! even though it takes just 300 JPY!

Try it!

「菊水 日本酒」の画像検索結果「菊水 日本酒」の画像検索結果

Picture resource: https://jp.sake-times.com/special/report/sake_kuramoto_stand_20141130


3.Horoyoi ほろよい 150JPY/180ml

It is Cans Zhuhai and taste is like Juice!

This Can Zhuhai have low alcohol content “Just 3% Alcohol content”

So Japanese girls like this Horoyoi!

This Horoyoi has many tastes! “Ice tea, Peach, Honey Remmon, Cola..etc ”

Please try !



・Extra edition Dassai 獺祭 700JPY/300ml


If you interested in Japanese Sake you ever heard this name I think!

It is most famous Japanese Sake! Taste is really clear and easy to drink!

This Dassai is a bit of high price but there is worth more than the price!


Picture resource:https://www.asahishuzo.ne.jp/products/items/item.html


How was it ?

You can buy these alcohol in the convenience store or Super market!

Go get to the Alcohol, then go to the Hanami! Enjoy!

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