Super awesome entertainment restaurant ZAUO!

This is most greatest fun fun restaurant! in Shinjuku!!

It is ZAUO! You can enjoy fishing in this restaurant and you can eat fleshness seafood!

Just look these pictures!

「ざうお 新宿」の画像検索結果

「ざうお 新宿」の画像検索結果

「ざうお 新宿」の画像検索結果    Soooo fleshness!!「ざうお 新宿」の画像検索結果

「ざうお 新宿」の画像検索結果

How do you feel? You really want to go there?

This restaurant is within 8 minutes walking from Shinjuku station!!

Check-it out!

Picture resource : https://r.gnavi.co.jp/g775103/

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